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1 product

We have a range of sports bras designed to support you for all your sporting activities. Our sports bras are engineered to suit everyone no matter what support you need. We provide you with the best sports bra brands to bring you elite support.

Berlei is the only sports bra brand tested, approved, and endorsed by the Australian Institute of Sport. These bras have been engineered to combine function, fashion, comfort, and support. They are the only bras proven to reduce breast bounce by up to 60%. From walking, yoga, pilates, running, boxing, and other high-intensity workouts, our range will provide you with the support and reliance you need. Made from innovative breathable fabrics for a cooler workout. They feature cross back straps to provide additional versatility and support. 

Not only does our range feel good and reduce sweating, but they also look great! We offer a range of colours with stylish details. Our sports bras are great for layering under work out tops or as a free-standing statement piece. 

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